Children Help Grover Regain Super Powers

Monday, January 28, 2013

On January 24, the Garden of Dreams Foundation teamed up with MSG Entertainment and the Knicks City Dancers to host a visit with Sesame Street Live's Super Grover and a very lucky group of first grade students from Foundation partner organization, WHEDco. During the visit at WHEDco, the children helped Super Grover regain his super powers by eating healthy and exercising. The Knicks City Dancers presented the children with healthy snack choices and provided a lesson on why it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a result of their healthy choices, the children also became super heroes. Each child decorated his/her own super hero cape and made up a super hero name; one young girl named herself,  Super Healthy Girl! At the end of the event, Super Grover gave each child a gift bag filled with MSG Entertainment and Sesame Street swag. The children not only had a fun afternoon with Super Grover and the Knicks City Dancers, but they learned how to make healthy choices through exercise and nutrition that they can continue to practice.